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Handy Man

The house is built and full of stuff. Just b/c it's brand new doesn't mean it's done now does it? Judging by the 400 Lowes/Home Depot/Ikea runs, I'm gonna go with nope. The most recent projects have been some entry level runs into home upgrading. First, living room & dining room dimmer switches. I learned the difference b/t a single pole & a three way wiring set up and I also didn't know that only certain dimmers will actually dim those high efficiency bulbs. Interesting stuff. Next, the house now has two shiny new ceiling fans (master bedroom fan pictured above) on individual switches. By individual, I mean that one wall switch controls the light while another wall switch controls the fan. Speeds are still done on the device itself, but it's nice to know that I can flip them on individually using a wall switch. I had thought about going the wireless remote route, but I really don't see the need at the moment. Perhaps later on, I'll revisit this issue.

The next project, lights on the roof top deck. Went with an ultra-white rope light and attached it using zip ties. Ok, not the cleanest install of my life (don't like the zip ties showing) but the lights look awesome at night. I really think it gives you that on a boat feeling honestly since there are two levels of lights and they only shine down providing plenty of ambient light and not too much to ruin the evening. All of this work is not like wiring in a car, but I'm getting the hang of it. So far, no electrocution!


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