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Something New

In the months leading up to this new house I feel like I've been (more so) heading in a different direction from most of my friends. Am I finally aging? Am I growing up as they say? I still long for the party life but it just doesn't seem to fit me like it once did. Every time I go out and give it a shot... something just seems off. I can't explain it. So, it appears that it's time for something new for me. I need a new activity so that I can start over as it were. I have no intention of leaving my current friends behind, but as I have tried and tried to continue offering invitations and extending olive branches over and over my efforts seem to be more and more in vain. I don't hold any grudges, but I am disappointed.

I hoped against hope that I could end up being those amazing married couples that just integrate their lives seamlessly and things would just continue on as they were. That just wasn't the case here and I think it isn't the case for the great majority of folks either. So is it growing older? Is it married life? Is it buying a place? Who knows.

Now the question is, what am I gonna get into? Should I learn to fly? helicopters or fixed wing craft could be fun but they are expensive. Perhaps some more close combat fighting instruction? A little violent, but it's good exercise and it's always good to be able to defend yourself. More Jeep stuff? Perhaps some fancy bike riding? This will deff. require some more research. Whatever it is, I hope to meet some good folks out of it to help add to my my social circle friend base.


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