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Purchased, now let's move.

The long weekend has come and gone and I have emerged a home owner. Please, hold your applause for now. I don't remember the last time I read over so many legal documents and signed my name so many times. The lender even stopped by my closing to see me off. B/t me and you, I think he was sick of me and went out for a happy hour that day knowing that he was finally done with my deal! The overall deal I got I think was good, not that 1 in a million I was hoping for but it was still good.

After a few minutes of some nice down time to just walk around and check the house out, it was time to get down to business of moving stuff in and assembling tons of furniture. Friday, the install & delivery guys showed up. The flat screen wall mounting guy was working on the main floor while the FiOS guy was setting everything up down stairs. As it turned out, they got done at just about the same time so that worked out great! The Alarm System guy was pretty quick and easy too. Just in and out. Next, the washer and dryer delivery was a little more involved. The builders installed the floor pan sideways? No clue why, but luckily there was a trip to home depot to fix that issue right up while the installers got ready. Having never seen an install like this, I had to watch. And I must say, very impressive! The one guy was like a contortionist. The washer/dryer location is just a closet. This guy was BEHIND the machines after they had been installed hooking up all the connections and then climbed up over top of them to slide down the front of the machines and out of the closet. it was nuts!

Along comes moving day, and I thought it'd be super easy. Well, it wasn't too bad but not nearly as easy as I had hoped. The couch, which was being sold at the end of the day, was a total space hog and filled enough of the truck to force two trips. I knew I should have gone with the 26' big a$$ uhaul just b/c! After the first trip and a smooth unload, about 4 of us went to the old place to grab cars and finish up. It actually wasn't bad at all. Now, the unpacking and unboxing and the putting away... that is a tricky one that may end up taking quite some time.


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