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Only 3 More Days

...till the biggest purchase of my life. It's not a secret and I've got folks coming to me asking me if I'm excited. Well, yes and no. I mean, YAY new house and it's all clean and shiny and new and (insert more good things here). So, that's what I say b/c I just don't want to be a debbie downer. But to be honest, I'm scared. I've never imagined spending this kind of money on a house. I've done the numbers 50,000 different ways til next Sunday, but it still makes me nervous. Combine that with my current place being completely trashed (I know, all part of moving) and I'm pretty much a wreck. How are you supposed to get excited about a new house if you can't see past how trashed your current place is and how insanely expensive the new place is??

One thing I'm trying to focus on is the investment side of this deal. I do believe this is a good investment, so the thought of a strong return is keeping me sane. I'm not thinking crazy numbers, but perhaps a nice 10%-20% appreciation over 10 years I think is actually reasonable. The miss' & my mom must have lost their damned minds thinking we might see a 50-60% appreciation?!? Not in my wildest dreams would I think that. Don't get me wrong, it would be awesome but prolly not gonna happen.


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