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My SmartyPig Pickle

Pig Pickle
As the whirlwind that has been me transferring money back and forth and saving for the closing costs is approaching an end, I've managed to over look ony small tid bit of annoying information. I know SmartyPig isn't the fastest bank in the world and I was prepared to wait about a week to transfer the money from there to my checking account. However, as I went to click on Transfer Money this morning, I got an awesome rock-star error. I cannot originate a transfer out of this account until the next week. WTF? It turns out that they require 7 business days after your last deposit into their account to initiate a with drawl which takes yet another 5 business days?!? Wow. I don't even have a good word for how slow that is coming from a bank.

What does that mean?
I'm glad you asked. It means that I cannot get the money out of the SmartyPig account in time for the closing costs.

So... ummm?
I don't know. I'll figure it out if it means marching down to the credit union for a personal loan or finding a loan shark named Vinnie. It's frustrating and this online bank doesn't have any sort of work around for situations when you just cannot wait that long to transfer money. Why they freeze the entire account is beyond me. I will be thinking hard on any further transaction with them, and whether or not I even want to continue to be a member.


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