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Reaching Out

I'm a strong supporter of reaching out to the people around you to engage them in activities to continue and maintain friendships or casual acquaintances, etc. Hey, let's do this activity or go to that event. You have to make it happen b/c it's not gonna happen all on its own. But when is enough, enough? I mean, at what point do you need to take a hint that all the reaching out you are trying to do is a waste? I'm guessing there's an objective answer to that based on each situation. Too bad there's not a standard form for something like this.

Dear sir, I have attempted to make plans with you on 15 separate occasions over the course of 100 consecutive calendar days. Having broken all of them, I am now free to move on. Have a great day.
Yeah, I don't think it works quite like that. That'd be too easy.


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