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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...


You know, I've got nothing. Every day, I have felt like I have plenty to say and plenty to write about, but I just haven't gotten past it and put pen to paper as it were. I've been tempted to write recently about the conference I went to a few weeks ago. But beyond speaking of the longer than normal hours & my complete lack of appetite, I really don't feel like I have much to say about it. Other than that, life has just been getting ready to move to the new house.

This week, picked up a new washer/dryer combo and packed some more boxes. Found new homes for my couch, entertainment center, dining room table, kitchen carts, & old receiver. Progress. With the new house walk through only a week away, I'm glad to be getting things done. And I gotta stay on it as the move is only 2 weeks away! I really will miss being able to walk to the metro & the cheap rent that I've gotten used to here. I know the new house will be lovely, but it's sometimes hard to see that when it's clouded by worse commutes and an insane mortgage payment.


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Only 24 hrs in a day?

I've been tackling this concept for months and there has to be a way to have it all:

There has to be a way to do it. I know there is...

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Givin it up

Let it be know that I love chicken wings (and I enjoy a good slice of pizza). I don't know when my like of chicken wings skipped the puppy love crush all together and went right into love, but it did. Dipped in gloriously creamy blue cheese dressing... I think I just drooled a little bit. As it turns out, they are actually quite terrible for you. Who knew?!? Well Chicken Wings, along with pizza I'm giving you both up until further notice. You are not helping me fit into my pants and as I cannot afford to buy you AND pants, you must go. I've thought about this for a while, but my need of pants is pretty serious. I mean, how often would I be allowed to sit at the bar with no pants on to order you?

How long will this last? Who knows. There's tons of delicious food out there that I can eat in your place and will have to do so in the unforeseen future. Know that you and pizza will always hold a special place in my heart (probably thanks to the fat deposits built up in my arteries) and in my gut and I will continue to think of you both fondly. Be well you two, and be beloved by the masses during my absence.


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Reaching Out

I'm a strong supporter of reaching out to the people around you to engage them in activities to continue and maintain friendships or casual acquaintances, etc. Hey, let's do this activity or go to that event. You have to make it happen b/c it's not gonna happen all on its own. But when is enough, enough? I mean, at what point do you need to take a hint that all the reaching out you are trying to do is a waste? I'm guessing there's an objective answer to that based on each situation. Too bad there's not a standard form for something like this.

Dear sir, I have attempted to make plans with you on 15 separate occasions over the course of 100 consecutive calendar days. Having broken all of them, I am now free to move on. Have a great day.
Yeah, I don't think it works quite like that. That'd be too easy.


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Productivity of Meetings over time

I have no issue with meetings, in fact, I think they are very necessary to convey ideas to your peers, co-workers, and colleagues. However, if you are going to have a meeting, get to the point! Don't drag on and dilly dally and BS. The chart above is the attention span in a typical meeting over time. If you'll notice, after 60 minutes, people are just counting down till they go to lunch or they go home for the day. My advice, try to time your portion of the meeting to fit into those precious most productive 30 minutes. Get to it, figure out a solution or convey your thoughts and call it a day. This is exactly why I don't understand the need for people to have 3 hour long meetings regularly, you don't get as much done as you think you do.


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Birthday Miss'

This past weekend, it was the miss' birthday as well as a buddies wedding. Unfortunately, I couldn't do both so the wife's birthday trumped it. The weekend went well starting out with some drinks & a movie on Friday night. Took in the latest installment from the Fast & Furious franchise. It was a fun flick but was more an action movie and didn't have as much involvement of fun cars as the past ones did. After the movie, her folks came into town and brought her dog with them for the weekend. I know she was very happy to see her dog and seemed to enjoy her folks company too.

Saturday started off entirely too early for me as I was up at 6am?? Why?? Well, I was able to get some work done before everything got going. After a quick snack for breakfast & some errands it was time for some family time with the folks. Showed them the new neighborhood and the model of the new house and then the actual house (under construction still) and took in a meal at the local pub near by. The food was good, but I mean who doesn't like a lamb burger? But the service was a little slow. All in all, good times. I'm also glad that they approve of the area and the purchase, I mean this is a pretty sizable purchase! "You done good" is what I got and I'm happy with it.

After taking the folks back to their hotel for a bit, it was time for other guests to arrive. One of my friends from NC came up for the night & two of her friends from DE came down for the event as well. While she was on tour guide duty, I snuck off to pick up the cake and take it to the dinner venue on the hush. Sneaky, right? Well I get back just in time to catch a quick shower (despite everyone being there) and get ready for some mellow socializing before it's time to head out. We all did our gifts for her then (I gave her mine first thing in the morning) and she seemed to really enjoy everyone's gifts.

The dinner, which could have been epic, found the whole table with a really slow server. I found out later that it was his first night on his own on the floor? Awesome. I said a few choice words to the GM and service became 300x quicker, but alas there was too little time left in the meal to save it. Regardless, I think everyone enjoyed the food despite the speed of service and I think this issue didn't really bother anyone else as much as it bothered me. After cake and our tab, it was time to head back to the house where folks continued hanging out and socializing well into the night. Me, I was asleep on my feet almost, and actually went to bad after all the family members left.

Sunday morning was quiet since most of the folks didn't stay the night & my friend had to catch an early flight back to NC. After a quick bite of breakfast (for her) at Cosi and some good byes, she was at the airport and I was off to have a good bye brunch with the in-laws. The food was derish, but then again it's iHop... it's what they do! But the server forgot some food and messed up an order. If you were keeping track, that's 3 meals in a row with the in laws that have been screwed up in some form or fashion. Not sure what the deal is, I go out pretty regularly and never have trouble and now 3 in a row?

Despite the service at the restaurants, I think this weekend went about as good as I could have hoped for. Everyone enjoyed the gathering and she enjoyed seeing her dog and her gifts. Overall, I call it a success and I'll take it.


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