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Ah Wednesdays... you used to be my favorite party day of the week hands down! You even took out the coveted Thursday spot, which might I tell you is no easy task! Now my party day is... ummm... hold on, let me think... it's uhh... Well, you get the idea. In the whole process of getting married and now buying a house, I sometimes feel like I was torn out of that other life. It was the only life I knew, it was a blast (repeat sooooo much fun), but it was very destructive in the long run. I think that's how it had to happen. Picture ripping off a band aid, do it fast so it ends up hurting less. Any other way, and I probably would never have left.

Being more responsible is good and saving a ton of money for this beautiful new house is good too (saving a ton of money by not partying in general). Building something together with some one, a life and a home are all excellent things. But is it so wrong of me to still reminisce on all the good times I had all those nights back to back (to back)? I guess Wednesday evenings are just nostalgic nights for me when it hits me the hardest.


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