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Ok, I think it's time for me to realize a few things. 1. I'm not getting any younger. 2. b/c of item 1, losing weight will only get harder over time. 3. You don't lose weight by sitting on the couch no matter how hard you may wish it!

The other week, I got up from whatever I was doing and decided... I'm going for a run. Laced up my shoes, fired up my runkeeper and took off. You know what? It wasn't bad. I actually enjoyed myself! WTF? I thought I hated running? As you can imagine, I was thrilled with this discovery. Imagine it, I like something that doesn't cost any money AND is good for me? Double WIN! With this thought in my head, I laid out my running clothes for the following morning ready to go again. And don't you know it, those same clothes are now starting to collect dust as they sit there waiting for me to use them again.

What happened? That first time back on the road was good. I want to go again. I just can't seem to drag my a$$ outta bed in the mornings or away from whatever item I'm working on in the evenings. Do I need to simply work harder to kick myself out of bed? Perhaps some sort of personal reward or goal beyond the reward of physical fitness, health, and longer life. This needs more thought. Perhaps I should go run on it. ha!


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