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The Old Apartment

As the house is getting closer to looking like a real house (I think a garage door is the next step), I'm starting to look around and get a little nostalgic for this place. I mean, I REALLY like this apartment. I think I've been here like 3 years now?

The other day, I was a little bored and wondered just how big my apartment really is. So, I made a crude picture using power point and broke out my tape measure to figure it out for myself. Man was I shocked to learn it was only 790sqft! It feels so much bigger than that. I used to live in a 1 bedroom that was 690sqft and I felt like I was tripping over myself every time I turned around. I guess it's all in the lay out and how much stuff you have, right? Right.

This IS a great place, but it's not always sunshine and puppies. I've also made a list of a few things I am really NOT going to miss about this place:

You know, that's about it. This really has been a great apartment. Lots of good times. Great commute, great location, & it didn't break the bank every month. No wonder this entire building is always full!


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