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Morning Run

While I write this post, let it be known that I hate mornings & running. I do. Always have. The bit about mornings has gotten much better over the years, I used to be the guy who would chew you out if the phone rang before 12pm on any given day of the week! Then again, I was working nights so it was different. Looking around at my life and my schedule these days, it's starting to look more and more like the (semi-)wee hours of the morning are my only choice when it comes to working out/fitness and time to myself.

My days are full of being at the office with no gym on site. Besides, who wants to come back to work all sweaty after lunch even if I did have a gym? Never understood that. After work, there always seems to be some errands that need to be handled or events to attend to TRY to hang onto what remains of my social network. I'm not complaining, just stating a fact. The evenings, assuming the social engagements are over, are spent putting quality time into the marriage. Marriage vs. living the single life requires a lot more time, energy, and attention.

Since I can't get a work out by sleeping, that leaves me with early mornings. I don't like it, but I am starting to get into a little rhythm. Leave the shoes/shorts by the bed at night so they are ready as soon as I step out. Assuming I take a right out my front door, the run starts off downhill and I'm off. I won't lie, rolling out of bed an hour or so before I have to sucks. I do find myself staring at the clock, then my shoes, then the snooze button many a morning. Some times (often) the snooze button wins.

But, I know I feel better after I run and that is my strongest weapon to get off my a$$ and get moving. I feel like I've done something positive for my health to start off my day. Oh, don't get me wrong... I still hate mornings even with all that feel good mumbo jumbo I just spouted, but that seems to be the only time I have left.

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