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Ah Wednesdays... you used to be my favorite party day of the week hands down! You even took out the coveted Thursday spot, which might I tell you is no easy task! Now my party day is... ummm... hold on, let me think... it's uhh... Well, you get the idea. In the whole process of getting married and now buying a house, I sometimes feel like I was torn out of that other life. It was the only life I knew, it was a blast (repeat sooooo much fun), but it was very destructive in the long run. I think that's how it had to happen. Picture ripping off a band aid, do it fast so it ends up hurting less. Any other way, and I probably would never have left.

Being more responsible is good and saving a ton of money for this beautiful new house is good too (saving a ton of money by not partying in general). Building something together with some one, a life and a home are all excellent things. But is it so wrong of me to still reminisce on all the good times I had all those nights back to back (to back)? I guess Wednesday evenings are just nostalgic nights for me when it hits me the hardest.


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Settlement Date

Ever since I put a contract on this new house I keep talking about, the company selling/building it would not release when it would be ready. So, I did a little math and little research and a lot of guessing to pick a date off the top of my head. They date was just officially released today and wouldn't you know it... I was dead on!! The settlement date I guessed 2.5 months in advance is the exact day it's going to be! I'll be glad when I'm all moved in and the electronics are all wired, clothes put away, etc. I'm ready to kick my feet up and watch my big a$$ TV in the new house already.


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Happy Friday!

Today is a very quiet day after a busy week. Feels like there has been something going on or someone stopping by quite a lot lately. I'm totally ok with that & enjoy it. But now, it's time for a quiet weekend. I think I might fire up the crock pot and and try my hand to make a big 'ol pot of beef stew. Yum! Who doesn't like a nice hearty stew served with crusty bread?


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The Old Apartment

As the house is getting closer to looking like a real house (I think a garage door is the next step), I'm starting to look around and get a little nostalgic for this place. I mean, I REALLY like this apartment. I think I've been here like 3 years now?

The other day, I was a little bored and wondered just how big my apartment really is. So, I made a crude picture using power point and broke out my tape measure to figure it out for myself. Man was I shocked to learn it was only 790sqft! It feels so much bigger than that. I used to live in a 1 bedroom that was 690sqft and I felt like I was tripping over myself every time I turned around. I guess it's all in the lay out and how much stuff you have, right? Right.

This IS a great place, but it's not always sunshine and puppies. I've also made a list of a few things I am really NOT going to miss about this place:

You know, that's about it. This really has been a great apartment. Lots of good times. Great commute, great location, & it didn't break the bank every month. No wonder this entire building is always full!


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Morning Run

While I write this post, let it be known that I hate mornings & running. I do. Always have. The bit about mornings has gotten much better over the years, I used to be the guy who would chew you out if the phone rang before 12pm on any given day of the week! Then again, I was working nights so it was different. Looking around at my life and my schedule these days, it's starting to look more and more like the (semi-)wee hours of the morning are my only choice when it comes to working out/fitness and time to myself.

My days are full of being at the office with no gym on site. Besides, who wants to come back to work all sweaty after lunch even if I did have a gym? Never understood that. After work, there always seems to be some errands that need to be handled or events to attend to TRY to hang onto what remains of my social network. I'm not complaining, just stating a fact. The evenings, assuming the social engagements are over, are spent putting quality time into the marriage. Marriage vs. living the single life requires a lot more time, energy, and attention.

Since I can't get a work out by sleeping, that leaves me with early mornings. I don't like it, but I am starting to get into a little rhythm. Leave the shoes/shorts by the bed at night so they are ready as soon as I step out. Assuming I take a right out my front door, the run starts off downhill and I'm off. I won't lie, rolling out of bed an hour or so before I have to sucks. I do find myself staring at the clock, then my shoes, then the snooze button many a morning. Some times (often) the snooze button wins.

But, I know I feel better after I run and that is my strongest weapon to get off my a$$ and get moving. I feel like I've done something positive for my health to start off my day. Oh, don't get me wrong... I still hate mornings even with all that feel good mumbo jumbo I just spouted, but that seems to be the only time I have left.

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The New Berry

Lately, I've been more dissatisfied with my iPhone than usual. Repeated problems with the email server, consistent word replacement with the auto correct, basic inability to make a phone call, you know the usual. I've been just wishing, hoping, praying that Blackberry would release something awesome and soon so I could go back to the dark side. And wouldn't you know it, just yesterday I found a leaked spec sheet for the new BlackBerry Torch 8960, or whatever they plan to name it.

Helllllllo next phone!


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Remember back in the day, either at work or at an office function or a party, some guy would corner you and start talking about his kids. He'd have like 45 pictures fold out of his wallet and he was oh so excited and a glow with pride! Unfortunately for you, 44 of those pix look exactly the same. Why? B/c they aren't your kids and you probably don't give two sh!ts beyond simple polite conversation. Doesn't he have anything else to discuss? What else does he do? The answer, probably nothing. That's it. He has his kids and that's about it.

I've always been worried of becoming that guy, and yet fast forward to today and about all I have to talk about is this house I'm buying. I know everyone is sick of hearing about it, but that's really all I have going on right now. Saving all my duckets for closing & moving costs doesn't really leave a lot of free spending for other excitements. I can't help but think that just a few years ago, I had something going on non-stop. There was always something else around the bend to talk about, some new excitement. I'm not upset about the new house excitement at all, I mean it's a ton of money and a ton of little goodies that make up the purchase. I do wish I had something more to say to folks right now than flipping through the pix on my iPhone showing them pic after pic after pic of lumber.

Just makes me feel like I'm a little boring at the moment. If I don't wanna hear about your kids and the never ending list of pix that look just a like, what makes me think you wanna see tons of pix of the new house and hear about it?


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That was fast!

Having never seen a house built from scratch before, I had no idea how long it took or how many people or how much stuff... pretty much, I had no clue. This morning, I just got an email that it's time for the Pre-Drywall Inspection. Holy Sh!t!! Already? That means all the frame work is up. All the windows are in, all the plumbing has been done. All the electrical has been run, stairs built, the brick work is complete, the roofing is complete, it's sitting on a foundation... I just cannot believe how fast it's all coming together!


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Ok, I think it's time for me to realize a few things. 1. I'm not getting any younger. 2. b/c of item 1, losing weight will only get harder over time. 3. You don't lose weight by sitting on the couch no matter how hard you may wish it!

The other week, I got up from whatever I was doing and decided... I'm going for a run. Laced up my shoes, fired up my runkeeper and took off. You know what? It wasn't bad. I actually enjoyed myself! WTF? I thought I hated running? As you can imagine, I was thrilled with this discovery. Imagine it, I like something that doesn't cost any money AND is good for me? Double WIN! With this thought in my head, I laid out my running clothes for the following morning ready to go again. And don't you know it, those same clothes are now starting to collect dust as they sit there waiting for me to use them again.

What happened? That first time back on the road was good. I want to go again. I just can't seem to drag my a$$ outta bed in the mornings or away from whatever item I'm working on in the evenings. Do I need to simply work harder to kick myself out of bed? Perhaps some sort of personal reward or goal beyond the reward of physical fitness, health, and longer life. This needs more thought. Perhaps I should go run on it. ha!


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