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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...


I'm not sure why, but it seems like all of my clothes have decided it is time to fall apart... NOW! In the past few weeks, I've lost two of my favorite suits (I see another one going), a belt, a pair of jeans and at least one dress shirt. Nothing is tight, it's just been worn out plain and simple. It's time to buy a whole new wardrobe?? Ugh. It's not the top, but it's up there on the 'Things I don't want to do right now' list. Perhaps I'm just stressing over every penny spent since I'm currently trying to save as much as I can for my upcoming home closing expenses? Yeah, that could very easily be it. Hold together clothes. I don't wear you that much!


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Rolla Coasta

I'm learning, very quickly, that there is a lot to buying a house. There are inspections, offers, contracts, counter offers, and much much more. And even more that I'm sure I don't know about! The whole process can really wreak havoc on a persons emotional state. I like to think of my self as pretty even keel, but after the last week I felt like I had been put through the ringer. I can only imagine what a very emotional person must feel like. Currently, it's a waiting game on the ratified contract. Everything has been agreed upon, but once the contracts are all signed, then it is more or less etched in stone. The next battle, buying the loan, I'm not really looking forward to at all!

Now with roof!


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The offer is in, all of my cards are face up on the table, & the big fat nasty check has been written. Now comes the waiting game. Basically, some higher up simply has to give the deal a thumbs up and the house is purchased!! In the mean time, think of it like asking that amazing girl/guy you had a crush on out back in high school. They said they would get back to you soon. So, you wait all excited, stressed, nervous, etc. What if they say no?!?!? What if they say yes?!?! OMG... I'm freakin' out man! Then you look at your watch to realize that you have only waited 2 minutes. Ha! It happened to us all and you know how it went. Initially, I was supposed to hear a verdict yesterday morning. Now, this morning or maybe this afternoon?

On an unrelated note, I used to want the title of this post on a license plate. It was always taken and probably for the best. You really aren't getting out of a ticket with that tag.


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Count Down...

Well, here I am staring at the clock. Why you might ask? Well, I have a 530pm appointment today to look at a house and potentially write a contract on it! I'm full of this giant mix of excited and scared sh!tless. The excited part, that's pretty self explanatory. This place is very nice! For the scared part, there's actually two parts to that. First off, Holy Crap that's a lot of money! I know that for the typical person, a house is about the most expensive purchase they will ever make in their lives and for me, they are right. The money has been transferred and is standing by, I've crunched the numbers time and time again so it's simply time to make this move. That makes it no less scary. Did I mention that this is A LOT of money?

The second half, I don't want to get too excited about this place. There is another buyer that's in front of me. Basically, they have been flip flopping and the seller is sick of it. They have a deadline of 530pm today to get their collective sh!t together or hit the road and the place is free and clear! So, the count down/waiting game is on. Is it 530 yet?

Other bedroom, patio, garage, bathrooms, & unfinished space not pictured.

Update:The appointment to write the contract has been pushed back to Saturday morning. If I didn't have to work, I'd just spend the next two days in a bar so I could time travel! So, now I wait to see if I have to write a monster check.


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House Hunting

The past few months have found me house hunting for something nice, safe, and not insanely priced in my area. Let me tell you, that is no easy task! Taking into account my requirements, the miss' requirements and adding in financial restrictions deff. makes this a task. Also, I'm betting that the interest rate is set to go up soon. And for every 0.250% jump in rate, that's approx $15/$100k borrowed increase in monthly payment. Now, that might not seem like much but in a housing market that is already very expensive every little bit helps!

On a whim, we drove past a new construction development this past weekend. They were open, so we walked around a few properties. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, there was one there that fit just about all of the wants/needs on the list! The catch, it's at the tippy top of the budget. So, now we get into the waiting game to see who needs who more. Do we want this place more than they NEED to sell it? That is the 1/2 million dollar question. If the developer can bring the incentives and offer the same unit for what it sold last month or less and the bank can play ball with a better interest rate, I think we'll be there!!

This is still a TON of money, but a house is supposed to be one part home one part life style and one part investment, right?


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