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Valentines Day 2011

Every year, I say I'm not gonna do anything. And every year I mean it. This year, I caved. This year wasn't a huge ordeal, but I think it was low key and nice. There were flowers, and wine, and beers, and snacks, and a quiet dinner. We started off with some nice smoked gouda topping crackers and homemade bread with a couple pints of light pilsner. This was immediately followed by some trashy trashy TV to prepare for the dinner course.

The dinner course consisted of seared, broiled, & sliced strip steaks, with seared scallops served over sauteed mushrooms and garlic. Creamy mashed potatoes with bright green peas & asparagus with peppers complete the plate. The meal is served with a side salad, filtered water, & a bottle of Mark West Pinot Noir. If that wasn't enough, let's finish off the meal with freshly baked yellow cup cakes with whipped cream cheese icing. It was a quiet night in and everything was very tasty even if there was waaaaay too much food!

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