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Jeep Group

I haven't really been able to connect to my Jeep group folks. I am on the list serve, I try going to the meetings and I've been on trails but not really anyone I would actually pick up the phone to call. One guy annoys the living sh!t outta me. Not because he's a bad guy, but simply for the reason that his grammar is always crap on the list serve. I know, trivial right? It is. And I get that he is excited but 10-15 exclamation points at the end of multiple sentances on a post?

Wow, that's cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See how annoying that is? Moving on. I went to my meeting last night. I got to see the Land Rover guys sitting at their own table, the officers at their own table... It's a basic high school break out social structure and is interesting to watch. Me? I'm just off somewhere in the middle. Somewhere and no where at the same time. I'm not technically even a member. I've been a candidate for over a year now I think. It's clear I just don't click with these guys, but I think the fault is mine. I can't get mad at the group if I don't make very much of an effort to get to know these guys.

I have been very confused about the meetings until something clicked to help me make sense of it all last night. To me, the meeting was something I had to go to in order to get details on events and say hi. To everyone else, the meeting is just something that happens during a genearl dinner and get together of a bunch of guys that all hang out anyways. I've been looking at it completely backwards. They bring their wives and kids and make an evening out of something that takes me 30 mins of commuting to spend 30 minutes attending. Hopefully with this adjusted understanding of their meetings and the upcoming day trip next weekend I'll be able to make some connections with some of these guys. I mean, I am pretty cool!!

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