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The Dentist

I'd like to start off by saying, I hate the dentist. And if that wasn't clear enough, allow me to tell you that I really hate the dentist. I knew it was time to go as I had dodged this visit for some time, so I picked the place almost at random. I say almost, b/c my dental insurance had a say in it.

I arrived to a very nice reception area complete with a mini fridge with bottled water and assorted beverages, comfortable leather furniture, and several varieties of coffee for a Keurig machine. The entire office is very new, but this reception area is actually nicer and more pleasant than some lounges in upscale car dealerships that I've been in. The technology in the office appears to be top notch. In addition to the standard x-rays, they also use tiny cameras that take full color images of each individual tooth to display on a series of very nice Samsung LCD screens. These same LCD screens allow you to channel surf, if you so wish, the local channels while the professionals are poking, prodding, filling, drilling, etc.

The people are also very kind. I'll admit, when I'm somewhere I don't want to be I'm probably not the most pleasant fellow. I was greeted with smiles from everyone from reception to dental assistant to the dentist himself. My hygienist was very very very very patient with me and my apprehension to dental offices and did, in my opinion, just about everything she could to attempt the impossible task of making me feel comfortable.

Someone left a tip on FourSquare stating that Dr. Dudley was a cool guy. Come on... he's a dentist! I mean, your buddy could be a cool guy who also happens to be a dentist. But a cool dentist? Never! Guess who is eating there words right about now with freshly flossed teeth... this guy! I wasn't thrilled by my diagnoses (time to have the wisdom teeth out) but that's my own fault and I have to admit Dr. Dudley actually was very cool guy. As I waited to check out, I saw him going from patient to patient much like a good manager would touch every table on opening night. Everyone was doing well and he had great rapport with seemingly everyone. That last bit is rather impressive.

Do I like the dentist any more? No, and I doubt I ever will for the rest of my life. Will I go back to this office and try to tackle the horrible chore of regular dental work? Absolutely. If it has to be done, you might as well get it done at a nice office.


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