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Tax Shenanigans

For those of you that didn't know, the state of NC is starting to hurt for money right now. Pretty soon, they are gonna be in a Californiaesque situation if they aren't careful. The combination solid influx of the Hispanic population that doesn't file taxes, the out sourcing of textiles & furniture, and the increasing laws against tobacco thus reducing smokers is putting the whole state in a world of hurt. For these and many other reasons, the NC Revenue Service is basically looking anywhere they can to pinch a dollar.

What does this have to do with me you ask? Well, many years ago I couldn't afford to pay my tax bill in full. I got onto a payment plan and paid monthly over the course of... well, too long. My final payment was in 2005 when my account was paid in full and closed.

Fast forward to last month. Turns out some lazy a$$hole neglected to check the "Account Paid in Full" box. As a result, they charged me a penalty for the first year. Then interest on that penalty, and another penalty in the following year. Interest on that penalty and another the following year... you get the idea. I was never notified about this until all of a sudden, my checking account is VERY light due to a couple of strange charges that the bank is not allowed to dispute. Basically, they (NC Revenue Service) waited until I wouldn't have time to dispute these charges (you know, the whole 7 years thing?) and billed me for everything for my convenience. Thanks! That's very sweet of you.

Luckily for me (and sad for you), I am OCD and keep nasty records. After a little research and trial/error I got on the phone with someone at the Revenue Service that was fluent in English and told them the date and time that I paid this last tax bill. They apologized and released my money very shortly there after. Annoying? Yes. But glad I was able to get that corrected quickly.


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