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My Lazy Birthday

This birthday isn't a major mile stone, more like just another year. As such, I figured taking it easy was the way to go. I had already worked many extra hours earlier in the week so taking the day off was no sweat and no leave burned. The plan was simple, sleep in and then spend the day playing video games in my PJ's! Just to make sure I would be tired enough to sleep in, I stayed up entirely too late watching an old show I rediscovered on Netflix called Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I actually stayed up watching long enough to hear my upstairs neighbor fall up the stairs!

In the morning, wide awake! Damn. I know, I'll count sheep... 1... 2... and next thing I know it's 11:30! That's more like it. After a nice day of sleeping in, my mom stopped by with Chinese junk food for lunch to truly make me feel like a bum! The entire day was spent on the couch watching assorted shows on the DVR or Netflix. The evening is a small get together at a local bar on the Orange line where I've been known to have a few pints & enjoy a burger. For my birthday, I did just that & finished it off with a little Karaoke down the street. The miss got a darn tasty cake, despite me asking her several times not to do so. All in all, a very relaxing day followed by a fun night.


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