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Friday Friday Friday...

This past weekend, I decided it was time to free my inner red-neck. The result... Monster Jam! Big monster trucks jumping and crushing, dirt bike free style jumping, & atv quad racing. This was quite an experience since I hadn't been to one of these events since I was 8. The one thing I managed to remember, BRING EAR PLUGS! Those trucks are loud as hell and I was sitting not a few rows from where they were staged up. When I was younger I was sooooo in awe of this whole show, but I think having it indoors in this small venue really took away from some of the trucks being able to go faster or jump farther. If that's not the case and 6 trucks sitting side by side waiting to crush a few cars one or two at a time is all the show is, then I think they might need to step it up. I'm gonna blame it on lack of space though.

I don't know if DC received this show as well as other area's of the country or even took it as seriously. For many around here, it was just something neat to watch but I get the feeling that other shows the audience really get into the drama of who is winning and the rivalries b/t the drivers. I'm still confused what happened with all the booing for the ATV driver and him calling the attendee's stupid. It really resembled some ads I've seen for WWE wrestling.

In an unrelated comment... I honestly felt bad for the cars. What a horrible way to die. I know, they've all been gutted and there are no interiors or glass or electronics or gas tanks or engines or anything... but still. That's a little sad. Let's see the monster trucks crush each other! I'd go see that for sure.


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