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2010 in Breif

2010 was a big year for me in a lot of ways. A lot of firsts and many, many changes. Where to begin... well, a girl I started dating moved in with me, then we got engaged and finally towards the end of the year married in Vegas! That was pretty huge. In addition, my previous roommate moved out and started up on his own in a one bedroom which I think was good for him.

The Jeep had a busy year with about the biggest snow storm the city had ever seen and then the whole tire/suspension fiasco with NTB. All in all, it's much bigger now with many new goodies including suspension set up, sway bar disconnects, new lighting, new front bumper, new speakers, new winch... you get the idea. Oh yeah, and it's paid off! It deff had a good year!

This year, I went on my first ever Cruise. And wouldn't you know it... our boat broke down in the middle of the water! That won't turn me off from cruise ships, but that will sure as hell turn me off from Carnival cruise lines. Thanks but no thanks. If I don't show up, You guys keep all my money. But if you don't deliver, you still keep my money? That doesn't seem fair. On the travel front, I only went on one ski trip but I did get to play in Vegas for a week which was fun. My previous job sent to the exotic destinations of Cleveland and Indy a few times. Woot.

Helping the consumer economy of this country is one thing I did very well. Never mind xmas gifts for other people or Jeep parts or travel or dinner tabs or happy hours... (damn!) This year, I got rid of my damned Sony Vaio for an Apple MacBook Pro. Almost a year later, and I'm still extremely happy with it! I also went back to the iPhone and I haven't tossed it against a wall yet. My opinion remains the same, it's a great toy and a fun device but a crappy phone. For function, Blackberry beats it hands down. And to close out the year, my new home theater set up complete with Samsung LED TV, Samsung BluRay, surround sound speakers, wiring, and a Polk Audio sub. This has been a good year for toys.

I started an awesome job which I'm really enjoying. More technology based and the people are very nice. Not to say that the folks at my previous job weren't nice, I just like the work over here much much better. The pay ain't bad either!

I finished off the year in a nice intimate setting at my place with a few friends. Nothing huge, just a couple of us nerding it up on some rock band with a couple bottles of bubbly, some take out thai food, & a couple beers. All in all, I think this was an excellent year. Changes? Yes, but you gotta roll with it in order to grow as a person.


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