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2007 Honda CR-V

Aaaah 2007 CR-V from Honda... How I hate you!! But why? I just can't put my finger on it. Is it the under powered engine that I have to wind up to pass anyone? The styling that makes me want to run off to the Dress Barn and buy something beige? How about the interior storage areas that are just perfectly the wrong size and placement making me think of a pair of pants with the pockets sewn upside down?

Maybe it's all of that, however, I this have teensy hang up, you are actually quite good at everything I throw at you. Cargo space is rather spacious and folding the seats flat to the floor allows for easy moving of large objects. 5 fit comfortably for road trips while returning a decent 27mpg hwy on 87 octane. Nothing breaks and the maintenance is rather inexpensive.

Despite the good traits, your driving dynamics make me believe that in order to achieve the MPG listed, you suck away a little bit of my soul every mile we spend together. I find myself speeding not to test your bath tub like handling, but rather so that our time can end that much sooner. Every second makes me happy! Every time I step on the gas peddle, it breaks my heart and makes me wonder why Honda would choose to mate this engine/transmission combo to anything that weighs more than a stapler?

Ultimately, and I say this grudgingly, you are really quite good. You are very good at everything you do and every test I put your through. Maybe that's the source of my angst and why I hate you? Safety, fuel consumption, reliability, cargo/passenger volume, stereo, all good. You are my wife's car, and if you sucked at anything I could find a teeny tiny bit of leverage to try to be rid of you for something that has an ounce or (dare I dream) two worth of fun behind all that sheet metal? But no. You are in my life sucking out my car loving gear head soul until you die and knowing the Honda rep for reliability, that will be another 10 years if I'm lucky but probably closer to 30. Don't you worry, I've got a little happy dance ready to go the day you and I finally part ways.

This post was written in the showroom of a Honda dealership on my MacBook Pro.


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