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Ram Crew

The dealership down the street from me has just taken stock of a handful of new Dodge trucks, INCLUDING a loaded up 2011 Ram Crew Laramie LOADED with everything I want (Sun roof, tow hooks, 5.7L V8, power everything, touch screen gps w/ iPod input, & more). Grrrr. What's more, this is a great time of year to buy. They are offering deals of 14% off of sticker right now. Never mind the deal you can potentially make when you are at the dealership. I know, do I REALLY need a truck now? Yes & no. But, can I justify having two vehicles with factory spec MPG's under 20? Not yet I can't! I'll tell you this much, if I wasn't so attached to the Jeep, I'd be at the dealership swapping something in today!


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