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Lucky #3!

This weekend, I went out shopping for a wedding band. Yes, another one. I thought it was done after this as well... buuut no. I've been trying to get used to the wedding band I received on my wedding day however it just bloody hurts! No jokes, it actually caused my hand physical pain. After I got used to wearing it on my thumb, I finally went to a jewelry store to find out what the problem is. Turns out it was a two fold issue. The ring was almost a size too big & when you use Tungsten Carbide, the ring is generally thicker b/c of the metal. Well, that explains some things. I guess my fingers have shrunk almost a size since the summer. Less heat, less humidity = smaller fingers?

So, the first ring was the wrong design & engraving. The second ring just hurt. So, for number 3 I went with a simple plain band in white gold. The simplicity of the design & the different metal have cut down the size & weight of the ring a ton! It also helped to be able to try one on to feel the difference in the store so that there's no lucky number 4! I'll still keep my original band as a keep sake. This new shiny one is the one I'll wear daily. Now, if I could only keep from scuffing & scratching it up so much...


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