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Looking at the lovely tree and all the gifts under it, it's hard to believe that there is any sort of recession going on at all!! I'm going to take a stab at guessing a few of my gifts to see if I'm right. There is a long rectangular box - Guessing that is a Yakima hitch mounted bike rack. The heavy a$$ box - new optima deep cycle battery for the Jeep. Funky shaped little package - Samsung Link Stick. Large rectangular box in the back... Monitor? Oh, and one guess I do want to make based on the hints that I got when it came in the mail... I think the miss' is getting me a copy of Little Big Planet for the PS3 for my birthday. If I got that last one right, I'll be really impressed since the clues were so vague!

Now I know it sounds like I've gotten a ton of things, and in truth it feels like I have. err... will have on xmas day. But the person that is going to clean up here, (for the second year in a row) is the miss'. I have a feeling she's got gifts on top of gifts coming out of the wood works. I think it kind of makes sense, she's the baby (in the sense that she's the youngest) of the whole family on my side, and she's the only girl on both sides. I think that combo equals gift central!! Even though she's not a materialistic person, I hope she enjoys all her new goodies.

Since this picture, the gift pile has grown considerably but I don't have another pic handy so this is the one I'm using. I've been advised to hang on to this picture, and compare it to what the tree will look like if/when we have young kids. I'm told it's like night and day!


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