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Christmas 2010

This year, being my first year of being a married person, the plan was to have a family meal at the house. Initially, the in-laws were gonna come up and it would have been a whole big event. They said nay, so it got scaled down to just brunch & presents with the local fam up here. Next, the local fam up here got flaky. Why? I will never know. I didn't think it was too much to ask to show up and eat free food while receiving gifts. In the end, there were 4 of us eating some awesome Cinnabuns & drinking mimosas. I think it ended up nice & simple. Next year, will be a bigger ordeal in the area as more and more family shows up for this event.

What presents you might ask. Well, let's see... My mom's mom ended up with some nice clothes and gift cards including a cashmere sweater. Mom now has a game cube, combined with game boy advance player all so she can play Dr. Mario! She also got some stuff for her dog and a couple of items for her kitchen. She finally got a pair of tongs, which I think is a great kitchen item that too many people over look owning.

Me? I did alright with a new Optima Deep Cycle battery for the Jeep, a nice Yakima hitch mounted bike/ski/snowboard rack combo that I've been eying for years now, & some cash. The miss' and I both got bath robes, but those had to go back to the store since neither of us would have ever worn them. The big gifts were from me to me!! That would be my new TV set up that I picked up late last month complete with 3d BluRay player, 3d glasses, 3d movies (all 4 Shrek movies!), and a wireless card for the TV. Yes, both the TV & the BluRay player are wireless. I also got myself the new Logitech Harmony One universal remote, and let me just say that this thing rocks!

But the big winner for the second year in a row, I'd have to say was the miss'. Bringing home the gold was an Apple LED monitor, HP wireless all in one color laser printer, Apple Magic Mouse, & Apple Keyboard. Basically, a new home office and it is sweet! OK, maybe I do get some perks from that... printing from the couch is just damn cool. What else... she got some fleece PJ's, some cash, 3 pairs of gloves & a fancy pair of winter boots. Deff the big winner. The irony is, she's not very materialistic so her getting the most gifts makes me chuckle.

All in all, it was a good holiday with some good gifts. I only wish we actually got all that snow we were promised, that would have been the icing on top of this holiday season.


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