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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

Owner's Manuals

Here's a little tid bit that may help you out in the new year. I've just started tracking down all of my owners manuals in PDF version and keeping them using google docs. Think about it, you know you have that one gadget at home that you have to set something on once a year and you always forget how to. Do you want to dig through a bunch of papers that are collecting dust to figure it out? Of course not! Instead, just log into your account, look it up, and be on your way. I'm shocked I didn't think of doing this sooner.


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Lately, I've been bringing in my own breakfast from home and nuking it to have a hot meal at the office. For very little money (approx $1.50), you get a hella tasty looking plate. All you need is a microwave and to keep some syrup at your desk. Yum!


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Christmas 2010

This year, being my first year of being a married person, the plan was to have a family meal at the house. Initially, the in-laws were gonna come up and it would have been a whole big event. They said nay, so it got scaled down to just brunch & presents with the local fam up here. Next, the local fam up here got flaky. Why? I will never know. I didn't think it was too much to ask to show up and eat free food while receiving gifts. In the end, there were 4 of us eating some awesome Cinnabuns & drinking mimosas. I think it ended up nice & simple. Next year, will be a bigger ordeal in the area as more and more family shows up for this event.

What presents you might ask. Well, let's see... My mom's mom ended up with some nice clothes and gift cards including a cashmere sweater. Mom now has a game cube, combined with game boy advance player all so she can play Dr. Mario! She also got some stuff for her dog and a couple of items for her kitchen. She finally got a pair of tongs, which I think is a great kitchen item that too many people over look owning.

Me? I did alright with a new Optima Deep Cycle battery for the Jeep, a nice Yakima hitch mounted bike/ski/snowboard rack combo that I've been eying for years now, & some cash. The miss' and I both got bath robes, but those had to go back to the store since neither of us would have ever worn them. The big gifts were from me to me!! That would be my new TV set up that I picked up late last month complete with 3d BluRay player, 3d glasses, 3d movies (all 4 Shrek movies!), and a wireless card for the TV. Yes, both the TV & the BluRay player are wireless. I also got myself the new Logitech Harmony One universal remote, and let me just say that this thing rocks!

But the big winner for the second year in a row, I'd have to say was the miss'. Bringing home the gold was an Apple LED monitor, HP wireless all in one color laser printer, Apple Magic Mouse, & Apple Keyboard. Basically, a new home office and it is sweet! OK, maybe I do get some perks from that... printing from the couch is just damn cool. What else... she got some fleece PJ's, some cash, 3 pairs of gloves & a fancy pair of winter boots. Deff the big winner. The irony is, she's not very materialistic so her getting the most gifts makes me chuckle.

All in all, it was a good holiday with some good gifts. I only wish we actually got all that snow we were promised, that would have been the icing on top of this holiday season.


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Bars? What Bars?

December has NOT been a good month for me as far as getting out and socializing. I would say my time spent at bars has dropped by 300% or more? This little factoid is bit of a double edged sword to be honest. On the one hand, yes I don't get out to hang out as much as I'd like to which has been substituted with time at the house either doing little projects around the house or logging in some hours on my PS3. On the other hand, I'm not taking in the calories of bar food & drinks and I'm saving a lot of money on bar tabs which is helping me pay off some old stuff that I've been dragging for way too long. All in all, I'd say it's good? I just hope my friends remember me when it comes to party invites and what not.


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Looking at the lovely tree and all the gifts under it, it's hard to believe that there is any sort of recession going on at all!! I'm going to take a stab at guessing a few of my gifts to see if I'm right. There is a long rectangular box - Guessing that is a Yakima hitch mounted bike rack. The heavy a$$ box - new optima deep cycle battery for the Jeep. Funky shaped little package - Samsung Link Stick. Large rectangular box in the back... Monitor? Oh, and one guess I do want to make based on the hints that I got when it came in the mail... I think the miss' is getting me a copy of Little Big Planet for the PS3 for my birthday. If I got that last one right, I'll be really impressed since the clues were so vague!

Now I know it sounds like I've gotten a ton of things, and in truth it feels like I have. err... will have on xmas day. But the person that is going to clean up here, (for the second year in a row) is the miss'. I have a feeling she's got gifts on top of gifts coming out of the wood works. I think it kind of makes sense, she's the baby (in the sense that she's the youngest) of the whole family on my side, and she's the only girl on both sides. I think that combo equals gift central!! Even though she's not a materialistic person, I hope she enjoys all her new goodies.

Since this picture, the gift pile has grown considerably but I don't have another pic handy so this is the one I'm using. I've been advised to hang on to this picture, and compare it to what the tree will look like if/when we have young kids. I'm told it's like night and day!


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Ram Crew

The dealership down the street from me has just taken stock of a handful of new Dodge trucks, INCLUDING a loaded up 2011 Ram Crew Laramie LOADED with everything I want (Sun roof, tow hooks, 5.7L V8, power everything, touch screen gps w/ iPod input, & more). Grrrr. What's more, this is a great time of year to buy. They are offering deals of 14% off of sticker right now. Never mind the deal you can potentially make when you are at the dealership. I know, do I REALLY need a truck now? Yes & no. But, can I justify having two vehicles with factory spec MPG's under 20? Not yet I can't! I'll tell you this much, if I wasn't so attached to the Jeep, I'd be at the dealership swapping something in today!


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Something I'm learning about myself is my weariness of using possessive pronouns with regards to couples. Think "ours" or "we." I know I'm hitched now and things that I do I generally do with the miss' so statements like "we did this" or "this is ours" are to be considered normal. I just don't like using this type of speech. I don't know why, but it really grates on me when other folks do it too. Maybe it's the loss of individuality that is subtly associated with it? I have no idea. I'm a me, the Miss's is a she. Instead of 'we' I'll hang onto saying "The miss' and I" for a while longer.


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I'm not sure how many of you know this, but I help people buy and sell their cars. It's some thing of a hobby of mine and I'd like to think I'm actually quite good at it. Among the people I've helped is my mother. She has a Volvo similar to the one pictured here. She's had it for a few years now, but TODAY she finally admitted that she liked it! After years of pointing out things she doesn't like and other cars that do things better or differently... Today she said it's a good car and she really likes it thanks to it's snow performance. Woot! Time to celebrate!


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The Nerding Continues

Recently, I got the new GT5 game and It's deff very cool. But as with many of my games, I like to play two at the same time. Well, not simultaneously... I'd need to PS3's! But alternating one then the other. Right now, I've swapped back over to an FFXIII streak. I'm getting back into it. I'm finally at a point where my characters are building up some experience and I can see them developing. Basically, I'm making progress in my game and getting into it. Woo! Down side? They keep track of how many hours you've logged on the game and it's taken me 39 hours to get here. Damn. And now I'm even more hooked. D'oh! This is gonna take me back to the days of FFXII all over again, isn't it??


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In case getting rid of much of my stuff on craigslist wasn't enough, I've added amazon to my bag of tricks. At first glance, it is excellent!! They make it very easy to list items (I mean very easy!) and you have access to an insanely huge customer base to shop your items. Either I listed my items for too little money or there is just a demand for what I'm selling. Regardless, 6 items sold in 2 days? Woot! The draw back... Amazon loves to ream the seller when it comes to commission time. Never mind that you almost always take a hit with shipping, beyond that their commission is averaging 29%??? That's effing loan sharking rates!

Sure the fee's blow, but product gets sold. Bottom line, if you spend $0 stocking your inventory (aka selling off stuff in your house that you want gone) this isn't a bad route to go. Will you get rich? Helllllllllllll no! Will you have a couple bucks in your pocket and the stuff you wanted out in the hands of someone that wanted it fairly easily? Yes, yes you will.

Update: To view what I'm currently selling, click here!


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Lucky #3!

This weekend, I went out shopping for a wedding band. Yes, another one. I thought it was done after this as well... buuut no. I've been trying to get used to the wedding band I received on my wedding day however it just bloody hurts! No jokes, it actually caused my hand physical pain. After I got used to wearing it on my thumb, I finally went to a jewelry store to find out what the problem is. Turns out it was a two fold issue. The ring was almost a size too big & when you use Tungsten Carbide, the ring is generally thicker b/c of the metal. Well, that explains some things. I guess my fingers have shrunk almost a size since the summer. Less heat, less humidity = smaller fingers?

So, the first ring was the wrong design & engraving. The second ring just hurt. So, for number 3 I went with a simple plain band in white gold. The simplicity of the design & the different metal have cut down the size & weight of the ring a ton! It also helped to be able to try one on to feel the difference in the store so that there's no lucky number 4! I'll still keep my original band as a keep sake. This new shiny one is the one I'll wear daily. Now, if I could only keep from scuffing & scratching it up so much...


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In the upcoming holiday times, take a look around and think of some of the things you are thankful for. Not preaching here, I've just been thinking about this for the past few days. Here are five from me to get you started on your own list:

  1. My beautiful wife
  2. Awesome friends who are still there for me (even if I'm not closing down the bars with them every night)
  3. Supportive Family
  4. My kick a$$ job
  5. My toys! (God I love toys!)


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You took me in as one of your own when I was little and gave me a home. 25 years later, all we have left is a lunch date to talk about the weather. Sad.

Stupid holidays. Making me all sentimental.


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