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New TV (Yes, again!)

While a little unexpected to me, it has happened again. I've taken the plunge into yet another big electronic gizmo. I know, no one else is even remotely shocked! I had a ridiculously expensive model on my xmas gift wish list and the miss' pointed out to me that no one is gonna get me that, but if I researched the one I wanted that was reasonable, there was a chance. Enticed by the carrot that is a new big screen TV, I researched and read and studied and price compared. I finally narrowed my study down to a few models and took a look in person. Clearly, that was the straw that broke the camels back and made me say screw getting it as a present, I think the deals are better now and I'll just go ahead and get it now! In my defense, the deals this past week are the best they have been this entire year.

So, I now have a new Samsung LED 3d TV & I freakin love it!! I'm a gadget freak and I've never ever seen a TV with this level of clarity. I honestly feel like I'm discovering all of my shows all over again. It has some cool web enabled features, and yes it's 3d which is nice. But, I'm really excited about the day to day HD shows that I watch on FiOS, the movies I stream using Netflix, and gaming on my PS3. I'm absolutely blown away!! Ok, since it IS a 3d TV, I went ahead and picked up a 3d Bluray player and 3d starter kit (4 3d movies & 2 pairs of glasses). I couldn't have all this goodness and not use it! As if that wasn't enough, turns out it's compatible for 3d gaming. I cannot wait to see GT5 in 3d. Did I mention that the TV was 1.0 inches thick?? B/c it is! And as an added bonus, my ridiculous TV put me back on the Best Buy Reward Zone premier status. Woot!


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