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Happy Turkey Day 2010

This year, my Turkey day finds me at the house of the miss'. Did I ever mention that her mom can COOK? I mean, damn. She's like a mini Martha Stewart minus the financial scandal charges of course. Many choices for appetizer courses, tons of entree courses, 3 desert options, and plenty to drink. Holy hell!! I think no one was truly prepared since we all stuffed our faces with the apps.

It was... I want to say strange, but that's not it... to be back in that house sitting in the exact same spot on the counter as I did when I was 17 watching her mom cook up a feast. I was welcomed of course and everyone was very nice. I just couldn't shake the feeling that I was still in high school being there. I could hardly sleep even though I was sharing a room with my wife, it was still strange for me. I know, it makes no sense. I'm closer to middle age than to being a teenager, but I just couldn't shake it. I'm sure I'll grow into being there and being a part of this new family.

The Feast!

Cajun Spiced Peanuts (not too hot - mostly garlicky)
Pate du Maison (pork meat not liver)
Cajun French Mustard
Toasted French Bread Rounds (pick your name for these)
Smoked Oyster Dip piped into Endive Boats
Deviled Eggs

Florida Salad (pink grapefruit, avocado, pomegranate seeds, mixed greens)
Cajun Roast Turkey (14-16 lbs)
Cajun Sausage Dressing
Roux Gravy
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Spinach and Shrimp Casserole (a'la Aunt Louise)
Acorn Squash Rings w/ Brown Sugar and Cranberries
Green Beans with Gorgonzola and Chestnuts
Pickled Beets
Hot Pepper Jelly
Lollieberry Ring
Cranberry Sauce
Honey Wheat Dinner Rolls

Pumpkin Pie
Pecan Pie
Apple Cobbler

Assorted Beer


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