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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...


Every day, I start my day off the same. Wake up (hitting the snooze button 4,000 times) drag outta bed, grab some fresh under garments and head to the shower. In the shower, I start to actually wake up... and in those few moments my mind is filled with things to write about, emails to send, & topics to discuss. I think on these topics and elaborate on them in my head with witty idioms & clever things to say. I'm ready. I'm booting up my computer I'm ready to share... and nothing. It's all gone all of a sudden. Why? What's up with that? I haven't lost the desire to share anything, but I just can't seem to write about anything. Instant writers block. It's very odd.

To counter this, I thought ok, let's try writing at the house. Well, let me tell you that plan ended before it even started. After staring at a blank screen for a while, nothin. Maybe I need the peace and solitude of an airplane flight or a hotel room to truly clear my head and put pen to paper if you will. I'll continue to research this further and update as often as I can force myself too. It's not a lack of things to say, of that you can be certain.


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