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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

Halloween 2010

This year, I was just not super psyched about Halloween like I have been in years past. I picked up a costume last minute, I went as an angel. The costume was pretty comfy since I could just wear jeans under it and be good to go. The miss' went as a devil, so I guess it was a little cutesy. The funniest part was that I kept getting questions on who it was that I am marrying (since I'm gettin hitched soon) and I got respond with "the devil". Ha!!


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A Gift Giving Guide

I'll admit, I'm not the easiest person in the world to shop for from other peoples perspectives. I know this about myself, so I try to make it easy yet folks are still confused. So, I've decided to break it down and make life easy for all your gift giving needs!!

Know The Gift

Chances are, at some point you got sick of thinking about it so you just flat out asked me. Congrat's! You just saved yourself a ton of head aches. Very soon, you will get an email from me with direct links or a detailed list on what items I would actually want/need/like. Simply click the links and move one with your life. Some even come gift wrapped (if you are into that sort of thing!) for you. All of the items I listed cannot be found or are out of stock you say? In that case, continue to the next step.

Don't know the Gift

At this point, you have given up and thrown your hands in the air and said "F*** it, I'll just get something else or something similar." One word of advice, "don't." Or if you insist, please bring the receipt and a thick layer of skin for when I return it. Please understand, it's not that I'm ungrateful or a complete a$$. It's that I'm a minimalist. And minimalists don't keep a lot of idle stuff, trinkets, or nick-nacks around.

Other Options??

So, no gift & you don't wanna get me something I'll just have to return? Good on ya! At this point, folks turn away from gift cards... I don't know why. They are lovely, simple, easy to transport and to gift wrap. Gift cards for a dinner or a fast food lunch or a pint at a bar are all very nice. Or, go more direct. Invite me out and pick up the check or buy me a beer sitting next to me at the bar. All of those gestures are appreciated. Need something small and nowish? Have you considered just getting me a Diet Coke? See?? Simple!


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Lowered Expecations

Someone wise recently beat me over the head with the concept that "I really do expect too much from other people."


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1 hour from now

Here it is, the last hour before my very own bachelor party. I still know nothing about what's going this evening. I've had a few hints dropped here and there, but I'm not sure those were intentional. The only guess I have right now is some sort of entourage type evening. There will be food. Anywhere from 20-40 guys in suits. We'll take over assorted ultra lounges and blare out some techno on the limo/bus that will be hauling us around. I'm sure at some point, strippers will be involved as well. I wonder if we'll move fast enough to keep up with my add?

This feeling reminds me of bid night. I don't know what to expect, but I'm in a suit with an emergency credit card in my sock ready to see where the night takes me. Nervous, curious, & excited.


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Bachelor Party Weekend

The clock is ticking and I'm about to start an epic weekend. The bummer is I'm actually sick. Bleh! I never get colds and now... damn! It's all good, booze kills sick germs, right? Right? I'm not sure what to say, I really want to put pen to paper to document this moment but I'm at a loss for a coherent post. Let's start with I basically have no clue what is going on. Being a person who is a planner, to be completely in the dark on an event like this is rather difficult for me. I keep playing this clip of scrubs over and over in my head and thinking... "Damn. Am I really as crazy as Dr. Reed is??" I feel like I'm not supposed to ask questions or any of that. But where as she only had 20 mins, I've had a few months!! Hell, I just found a few minutes ago what time I was supposed to be ready to go tomorrow! Well, kudos friends for keeping me in the dark as I'm sure you've worked very hard to do so. I know it'll be great and the suspense is part of the enjoyment, right??

I've been to many parties like this and even thrown a couple. Each and every time, It felt to me and to many of the folks involved that it was a fond farewell to the fellow getting married. Now being in the hot seat myself, I don't think that's the case. I'm not planning on vanishing or falling off the world. I still like to be out and party with the best of 'em. Will I be chasing skirts with you guys till 5am? Probably not, but I can still pull of one hell of a wing man!

My mind is all over the place and my thoughts are all jumbled. Not in a bad way, there's just so much going on in my life right now. I really wish I could write my blog entries in the shower in the morning. That's when it's all still fresh!


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Every day, I start my day off the same. Wake up (hitting the snooze button 4,000 times) drag outta bed, grab some fresh under garments and head to the shower. In the shower, I start to actually wake up... and in those few moments my mind is filled with things to write about, emails to send, & topics to discuss. I think on these topics and elaborate on them in my head with witty idioms & clever things to say. I'm ready. I'm booting up my computer I'm ready to share... and nothing. It's all gone all of a sudden. Why? What's up with that? I haven't lost the desire to share anything, but I just can't seem to write about anything. Instant writers block. It's very odd.

To counter this, I thought ok, let's try writing at the house. Well, let me tell you that plan ended before it even started. After staring at a blank screen for a while, nothin. Maybe I need the peace and solitude of an airplane flight or a hotel room to truly clear my head and put pen to paper if you will. I'll continue to research this further and update as often as I can force myself too. It's not a lack of things to say, of that you can be certain.


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Business Woes

Yesterday, I had to tell yet another dry cleaners to go fcuk themselves. Am I the only one who has this problem with businesses? If you have a big a$$ neon sign in the window that says "ALL ITEMS $2.25"... How much should all items be? I know, $2.25! That's crazy logic. After dealing with my current dry cleaners for a year or two, I actually looked at my receipt yesterday to find that their sign, which is over a foot tall and always lit, is clearly total crap. My simple suggestion of they should turn it off was clearly very confusing to them. So, now I'm on the hunt for another bloody dry cleaners. One that speaks English, takes credit cards, and is still a discount cleaner. Yeah, I know... Good luck. Thanks!


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I have no idea what's been going on lately, but I'm feeling stretched very thin mentally and, gasp, emotionally. Everything seems like a challenge lately. Is it possible I am actually taking too much on? Are the upcoming nuptials and everything involved starting to take up more time/energy/focus to coordinate? I'm really not sure and this will take some thought on my part, but putting these ideas down on paper, if you will, has already helped with the thinking process.


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