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Weighed & Measured

In my diet/fitness struggle, I've been attacking this issue from multiple angles. I recently joined a new gym which I really like, but before that I had been working on some dieting of my own. I've used the 'Eat This Not That' plan to cut down on calories while dining out, I've cut back on my booze intake, I've started getting more rest, and I'm on 'Diet to Go'. All of these sleep, lifestyle, & diet changes have started to yield a bit of result. Not much, but some. So, I am finally brave enough to step on a scale... Bad move. Not exactly where I'd hoped to be, which is unfortunate. But, since I never did a weigh in before I started on my fitness goals, I can only guess how much I did weigh a month ago before I started this plan of mine. Yikes!! Talk about the worst shape of your life! Ok, now... approx 20lbs to go. I can doooo it!

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