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It finally happened. Motivationally, I hit a wall. I was riding in spin class yesterday and my mind went into the whole "this is dumb" "why am I doing this" "where are my results" "eff this, let's go to a bar" routine. I have been doing a great job thus far, I think. I've been working hard on my dieting (including portion control), hitting the gym, getting more sleep, & cutting way down on my boozing. It's frustrating not to see results when I know I'm working hard. But, I have to be patient and stick with it. You can't undo 6 years of bad behavior with a couple of crunches, right? Right! So, I gotta push on thru. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that my first 2 a day work out was the day before and I was physically exhausted? Also totally possible.

One of the most helpful things thus far in my weight loss goals has been the combination of my iPhone (which also has my iPod in it) and using the iFitness app. That is a great little app and already got a 5 star review on iTunes from me.


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