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Gettin in the gym of things...

Get it? Ha. Anyways, I don't know what happened last weekend but I had this strong urge to pull away from the mix, scene, whatever you call it. I guess I need to handle my life and get ready for the big change coming up in 2 months? Eeeek!! A part of that has been cutting way back on my going out, b/c well I need to save some funds for a variety of things. The miss' is still on the job hunt, so that puts extra financial weight/stress on me and I need to be ready for it.

In addition to the financial aspect of things, I've joined a new gym and so far I really like it. For the first time in I don't know how long, I'm looking forward to hitting the gym. I hope this lasts, b/c I could really stand to shed some pounds. I saw a pic that the miss' had hung onto on her phone of my belly hanging out. BAAAADLY! I'm not amused. She claims I've lost a lot of weight since then, but it's all about perception and I don't see it. Back to the gym to punish the muscles and build them back stronger!!

The new gym is great. It's brand new, it's a very large building w/ free parking and a convenient location. The best part currently is that the surrounding properties aren't occupied yet, so most of the time this place is a ghost town!! Imagine it, no waiting for the machines, never a line to get into a class, plenty of lockers... I really like it. The new elliptical machines have an LCD TV (well, all the cardio stuff has TV's) and an LCD interface that includes ipod controls. And with the ipod controls, they integrate Nike + to help you track your work outs. Good stuff! All in all, I'm really enjoying this new spot. I know that I'm not out as much, and that shows in both the calendar and the ringing of the phone for further invites. It's difficult to resist the pull of the bar at times but I'm really focused on getting some results at the moment. I hope my real friends will still be around for the cameo's I can make in my never ending search for balance in life.


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