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If you didn't guess what that stands for, it's Bring Your Own Keyboard to work day for me. I asked for a new keyboard since I got someones hand-me-down where the keys took the letter I was trying for around 75% of the time and I was able to shake out dirt/bread crumbs daily. As you can imagine, it was a little frustrating. My request for a replacement was shelved until I could forget about it. Sad! Well, I took the matter into my own hands and picked myself up a Logitec wireless desktop combo. You can click the pic to see a larger view of it. I'm only on day one of using this set, but so far so good. Logitec products, I've noticed, offer an insanely long battery life and this set is no exception. The keyboard offers 3 years of battery life off of 2 AA batteries while the mouse offers 12 months off of the same. Toss in fully customizable commands, keys, and mouse features and you've got yourself one hell of a deal! Oh, did I mention I picked up the set for almost 70% off retail? That doesn't hurt either! The deals... I haz them!


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