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Bar Time

I know I always say I’m going to spend a little less time in bars, but I’m actually doing so for a change. The obvious positive effects can definitely be felt in the wallet, but I’m also seeing one side effect I didn't expect. When I was hanging out with friends in bars non-stop (6-7 days/week) it was fun, but I kind of got used to it and happy hours became very run in the mill things. Having cut way down to only 1 or 2 days/week, I find that I'm enjoying that bar time much much more. Maybe there really is something to that balance I'm seeking? Or as a wise man once said, "Everything in moderation"


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It finally happened. Motivationally, I hit a wall. I was riding in spin class yesterday and my mind went into the whole "this is dumb" "why am I doing this" "where are my results" "eff this, let's go to a bar" routine. I have been doing a great job thus far, I think. I've been working hard on my dieting (including portion control), hitting the gym, getting more sleep, & cutting way down on my boozing. It's frustrating not to see results when I know I'm working hard. But, I have to be patient and stick with it. You can't undo 6 years of bad behavior with a couple of crunches, right? Right! So, I gotta push on thru. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that my first 2 a day work out was the day before and I was physically exhausted? Also totally possible.

One of the most helpful things thus far in my weight loss goals has been the combination of my iPhone (which also has my iPod in it) and using the iFitness app. That is a great little app and already got a 5 star review on iTunes from me.


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Weighed & Measured

In my diet/fitness struggle, I've been attacking this issue from multiple angles. I recently joined a new gym which I really like, but before that I had been working on some dieting of my own. I've used the 'Eat This Not That' plan to cut down on calories while dining out, I've cut back on my booze intake, I've started getting more rest, and I'm on 'Diet to Go'. All of these sleep, lifestyle, & diet changes have started to yield a bit of result. Not much, but some. So, I am finally brave enough to step on a scale... Bad move. Not exactly where I'd hoped to be, which is unfortunate. But, since I never did a weigh in before I started on my fitness goals, I can only guess how much I did weigh a month ago before I started this plan of mine. Yikes!! Talk about the worst shape of your life! Ok, now... approx 20lbs to go. I can doooo it!

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iPhone, Take 2

If you've been following me for the past few years, you might have figured out that I'm both a techie and a gear head. In my techie interests, few battles are quite as heated for me as my never ending phone issues. So it might come as something of a surprise that I'm giving the iPhone another shot after the last go around:

Why did I decide to give it another shot? Well, the track ball started giving me crap with my current BB curve and I started to look around for an upgrade/replacement. Other then running a little slow, I have had very few minor complaints with the device, it really has been great. I just got to the point where I was out growing it, mostly the processor.

I researched the two competing phones that I was interested in, The Blackberry Torch & the iPhone 4. After my previous iPhone and issues with it, I've been keeping a close eye on the market to see if anyone else had the same complaints or issues that I did. As it turns out, they did. Hmmm. Ok. But, how does it stack up to the competition of the Torch? Basically, I checked for things like ease of use, mail service, battery life, usefulness in the rest of my life, etc. When it comes to apps and web capability, the iPhone is a no brainer. Millions of apps vs. 9000 that blackberry offers. Do I really need all those different apps? No, but it's a comparison and this is a category. Next, the all important battery life. This was one of the things that sealed the coffin on the iPhone 3's life in my hands. The result was actually rather shocking... the iPhone 4 takes it hands down. WTG Apple... the people said battery life sucked and you listened!!

Keyboard. Now, this is a tough field since I'm still not 100% sold on the touch screen keyboards. However, both of these devices have them so I tried them both out. Typing was about equal on both. This is, much improved over iPhone 3 imho. Now, the berry does have the slide out qwerty keyboard which is nice so I'll have to give this point to the berry. The next biggie... mail server. Berry is god when it comes to mail servers. They are just better and faster. They used to be faster by days, now they are just faster by a few seconds. Berry still gets the nod, but Apple gets a thumbs up for leaps and bounds of improvement.

Tally it up, and they are about neck and neck when it comes to which one to choose. Even CNET put them almost tied in the ratings, but the iPhone 4 juuuuust barely inched ahead for them. For me? The iPhone made the cut this time as well. I appreciated all of the updates and enhancements they have made. Folders are an option now as well as multitasking. Those Type-A folks will be happy to know that you can kill apps running in the background as often as you'd like AND organize all of your apps in one page of folders. Add the new OS to new more potent battery and the ability to carry both phone/iPod as one device, and you've made a sale.

I'll grant you, I'm only a couple of days into it at this point, but it's looking much better then it did before. One issue that I think they have no plans of addressing: How big of a pain in the a$$ it is to get a decent ringtone on these things. The berries come preloaded with a ton of normal ringers and alarms while the iPhone comes with some and then tries to hit you with charges using iTunes to make you more. Bad form Apple, especially for a device that I just picked up for $300 (with contract, $600 w/o).


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If you didn't guess what that stands for, it's Bring Your Own Keyboard to work day for me. I asked for a new keyboard since I got someones hand-me-down where the keys took the letter I was trying for around 75% of the time and I was able to shake out dirt/bread crumbs daily. As you can imagine, it was a little frustrating. My request for a replacement was shelved until I could forget about it. Sad! Well, I took the matter into my own hands and picked myself up a Logitec wireless desktop combo. You can click the pic to see a larger view of it. I'm only on day one of using this set, but so far so good. Logitec products, I've noticed, offer an insanely long battery life and this set is no exception. The keyboard offers 3 years of battery life off of 2 AA batteries while the mouse offers 12 months off of the same. Toss in fully customizable commands, keys, and mouse features and you've got yourself one hell of a deal! Oh, did I mention I picked up the set for almost 70% off retail? That doesn't hurt either! The deals... I haz them!


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Gettin in the gym of things...

Get it? Ha. Anyways, I don't know what happened last weekend but I had this strong urge to pull away from the mix, scene, whatever you call it. I guess I need to handle my life and get ready for the big change coming up in 2 months? Eeeek!! A part of that has been cutting way back on my going out, b/c well I need to save some funds for a variety of things. The miss' is still on the job hunt, so that puts extra financial weight/stress on me and I need to be ready for it.

In addition to the financial aspect of things, I've joined a new gym and so far I really like it. For the first time in I don't know how long, I'm looking forward to hitting the gym. I hope this lasts, b/c I could really stand to shed some pounds. I saw a pic that the miss' had hung onto on her phone of my belly hanging out. BAAAADLY! I'm not amused. She claims I've lost a lot of weight since then, but it's all about perception and I don't see it. Back to the gym to punish the muscles and build them back stronger!!

The new gym is great. It's brand new, it's a very large building w/ free parking and a convenient location. The best part currently is that the surrounding properties aren't occupied yet, so most of the time this place is a ghost town!! Imagine it, no waiting for the machines, never a line to get into a class, plenty of lockers... I really like it. The new elliptical machines have an LCD TV (well, all the cardio stuff has TV's) and an LCD interface that includes ipod controls. And with the ipod controls, they integrate Nike + to help you track your work outs. Good stuff! All in all, I'm really enjoying this new spot. I know that I'm not out as much, and that shows in both the calendar and the ringing of the phone for further invites. It's difficult to resist the pull of the bar at times but I'm really focused on getting some results at the moment. I hope my real friends will still be around for the cameo's I can make in my never ending search for balance in life.


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