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Meat, Meat, & More Meat!!

This past weekend, the miss' & I went to a brazilian steak house. Been dying to check one out and now that I had, I felt compelled to leave a review of it on yelp. Here is that review for your entertainment!

Meat, meat, and more meat!! I hope you fast before you come here, b/c there was so much delicious food to eat that I was actually worried that exploding was a legitimate fear. The salad bar is stocked with fresh salads, sliced cold meats, & assorted sauces to go with your dinner. Please, do yourself a favor and hit that first for a bowl of their wonderful horseradish sauce before unbuckling your belt for serving on top of serving of fresh meats from the broiler.

The Meatadors** are swarming around the restaurant constantly with assorted cuts of meat. As soon as you flip your token over, you will have your choice of several different cuts in under a minute!! The beef rib is sooo juicy, the top Sirloin... to die for! A nice thin slice with just a little piece of fat on the edge that has been broiled to a nice crisp. I could have easily eaten on that Sirloin all night long and been deliriously happy. But wait, there's more... leg of lamb followed by lamb chops? Hell yes!

What's the hell?? A random waiter is dropping off plate after plate of sides? I've already eaten enough to feed a family of four for a week... but I trudge on. These mashed potatoes are so creamy, they could almost be a sauce unto themselves. In fact, I ended up using them as a sauce on my bacon wrapped boneless chicken. That's right, they have chicken as well as assorted pork. The Parmesan pork has a lovely flavor to it, but try to get it early in the evening as it does tend to dry out. At this point, I'm using my menu in the style of fat a$$ bingo marking off the picture of every meat that I have tried. I'm looking around for the baby sirloin with garlic for the win... but some how the "are you kidding me you fat fcuk" look I'm getting from the fiancé tells me it might just be time to stop.

Our server kindly brings us the menu and my heart patters, but alas "are you kidding me you fat fcuk" prevails on me once again and we tab out. At no point in the evening did I ever feel rushed, not once. I was encouraged to try as much or as little as I'd like of anything. Everyone was very friendly and very helpful. The Meatadors** happily run to get you the cut and temperature of meat that you like. We got a comment card at the very end of the meal that asked us "is there anything we could have done better?" And I honestly couldn't' put anything. Despite the complimentary valet parking, an evening here isn't cheap. But the experience is well worth it and I recommend that you all try it.

**Meatadors is what I decided to call the guys serving the meat that are dressed like Matadors, it just kind of made sense to me. You know, I think I'll go as a Meatador for Halloween. I'll have to carry a leg of lamb all night, but when I get hungry it'll be on!!


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