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Weekend Fail?

This weekend I attended an annual pub crawl that I really do look forward to every year. It's a time I can see some old faces that I don't get to see all that often as our schedules and activities have pulled us in different directions. It started out well enough despite some a$$holes that had some of my stuff, but I was determined not to let it ruin my day. Bar 1, my plan worked great. Bar 2, not as well. Bar 3, I chewed out someone who was friends with the a$$holes in question just for being friends with them. Bar 4, a couple of people escorted me out. Bar 5, the best decision I could have made was going home and I did. But not till I b!tched someone else out for something. This really isn't my finer moment. I could blame it all on the situation and what not, but no. This was me and not a me that I'm proud of. Where is that stoic emotional control that I work on constantly?? Where the fcuk did it go when I needed it most?

Well, the apologies from me have begun and hopefully all can be forgotten by the folks that had nothing to do with anything. The a$$holes... they are still a$$holes tho if for no other reason then for deliberately fcuking with me all day. If a person gets a little irritable, it's funny. Take it too far, and you are just a prick. Not my finer moment, and a damn shame that I lost one of my favorite party days with a TON of cool people as a result.


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