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I spent the past weekend @ the Oak Ridge Estates for a charity off road event. Basically, they did a raffle and a weekend where the proceeds went to Relay for Life which supports the American Cancer Society. All in all, this was a great trip. I got to test out some of my new goodies on the Jeep, and they all performed very well. My suspension is still squeaky, but what are ya gonna do?? I met some great people too. They were much nicer then the folks from Big Doggs Off Road who basically wanted to do a few minutes of trails, then go back to camp and drink. I'm all for a few beers, but we are there to wheel not sit around drinking. No?

The cool thing about this trail is that these are the same trails (and even the same trail guide!!) that I did on my very first Jeep Jamboree. True, it was much more rainy and muddy and delish then, but my rig was stock. It's interesting tot see the change from here to the picture above where I am now. This trip, there wasn't much damage. A little scuff on the mirror. But honestly, as I've built up the Jeep, things are getting tougher so the tree I hit didn't leave even a mark! As has become the norm from come back from a Jeep trip I'm full of new ideas for new & improved mods!! Don't I have a wedding to plan/pay for?? Shhhhh... gotta get a little Jeepin in when I can!


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