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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

Dirty Laundry

Over the past few years, one of my family members has been taking advantage of another ones life. I want to keep it vague, so we'll use woman for one of them and man for the other, k? Basically, woman has enough money to live a comfortable life by herself. Man hasn't held a job in the past 5 (that I know of, but possibly longer) years. Man has excuses constantly about why he doesn't have a job and woman believes every one of them and tries to feed that crap back to me. Woman doesn't want man to use government programs like unemployment or any others for fear it will hurt man's chances of getting a job. Really? As long as woman is paying for everything, including man's mortgage payment, what incentive does man really have to do anything other then sit on his a$$ and remodel his house? Also being paid for by woman. It's kind of like being retired with out actually working first. WTG man for finding a way to be a kept/trust fund baby.

Call me old fashion, but I firmly believe that you should work for the things that you have. For example, if you need to eat and you are over the age of 30 perhaps you should have a job and feed yourself?? If you are over the age of 50 and leeching off of a family member and not even bothering to try to get a job, perhaps you should take a look at your life and do a little more for you and for those around me. I understand that we all hit hard parts in life, and having a family member or friend help you get back on your feet is amazing. But if you continue to try to get back on your feet for 5+ years, doesn't that just make you a complete and total dead beat? There's clearly more details on this situation, buut I think this is all the rambling I have time for today.

I'm not sure why I've been thinking about or talking about this situation a lot more this week. Maybe it's the upcoming wedding but I can't seem to just shake it like I usually do and am much more frustrated with the situation then I can recall in the past few months. I've been discussing this issue or problem if you will with woman for the past 5 years and have been able to watch it get worse and worse. I think I might be getting close to my breaking point and just giving up. I think it's that realization that truly upsets me the most about this whole thing at this point in time.


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I spent the past weekend @ the Oak Ridge Estates for a charity off road event. Basically, they did a raffle and a weekend where the proceeds went to Relay for Life which supports the American Cancer Society. All in all, this was a great trip. I got to test out some of my new goodies on the Jeep, and they all performed very well. My suspension is still squeaky, but what are ya gonna do?? I met some great people too. They were much nicer then the folks from Big Doggs Off Road who basically wanted to do a few minutes of trails, then go back to camp and drink. I'm all for a few beers, but we are there to wheel not sit around drinking. No?

The cool thing about this trail is that these are the same trails (and even the same trail guide!!) that I did on my very first Jeep Jamboree. True, it was much more rainy and muddy and delish then, but my rig was stock. It's interesting tot see the change from here to the picture above where I am now. This trip, there wasn't much damage. A little scuff on the mirror. But honestly, as I've built up the Jeep, things are getting tougher so the tree I hit didn't leave even a mark! As has become the norm from come back from a Jeep trip I'm full of new ideas for new & improved mods!! Don't I have a wedding to plan/pay for?? Shhhhh... gotta get a little Jeepin in when I can!


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One of My Favorite Actors now Ken Watanabe. I saw him last night in Inception, which was a great movie, and he played an excellent role. His screen presence is always solid and I've really enjoyed the roles he played in his movies.


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Last night, I scheduled my LAST car payment on the Jeep. Wooooot!! I'm super excited for a number of reasons. First, I'm paying it off over a year early which is awesome and saving money on the compounding interest is gonna feel great! I guess I should say sorry to the bank for not getting that money tho. Maybe I should send flowers? Next, this will mark the first time since college that I haven't had a car payment. I think the biggest challenge for me is going to be NOT shopping and jumping into another car to add to my collection. I just gotta keep reminding myself that I don't drive that much! What happens now? I guess they send me the title? I dunno, but I'm excited to find out.


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Engagement Party

This past weekend was the engagement party and I'd like to think that everything went really well. We went with a back yard bbq style get together. We had 5 kegs, 30 lbs of meat, tons of rice, 4 cakes... I'd say we had a good spread. It was great to see all the folks from NC that made the trip up and I hadn't seen in quite some time and just as great to see all the local folks enjoying themselves. All in all, deff a good party.


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Crazy Taxi(s)

On an average day, the average cab has a mediocre grasp on traffic laws in the DC Metro area at best. I'm not sure why this is or how they pass their driving tests, but that's just the way it is. I'm not talking about a little aggressive driving or weaving in traffic, I mean full on bullsh!t. 45 point turns on small roads blocking traffic, left turns from the right lane across 5 lanes, and don't you dare stick one of our many fine coachman behind the wheel of a Toyota Camry cab for fear of an immediate 10 car pile up!

Regular cabbies are bad enough daily as I mention, but don't you dare toss in a storm like we had last night into the mix. I'm convinced, whatever traffic logic they had left in them got washed away. At what point do you think it's ok to stop on an over pass and take up half the road just to chat? I mean honestly, WTF? Why are you parking perpendicular to the street blocking all traffic? Do you need to drive with one hand on your cell phone texting while looking at the side walks for your next fare? At what point are you in ANY WAY paying attention to the road? I'm thrilled to tears when I do find a decent cab driver who isn't trying to steal from you, or kill you, or anyone else on the road. What does their help wanted ad sound like I wonder?

Don't speak any English and drive like sh!t? Come drive a cab in the DC metro area!! Perks including ripping off anyone and everyone, never having to shower, & yelling at everyone on the street in your native tongue. Apply today!


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Weekend Fail?

This weekend I attended an annual pub crawl that I really do look forward to every year. It's a time I can see some old faces that I don't get to see all that often as our schedules and activities have pulled us in different directions. It started out well enough despite some a$$holes that had some of my stuff, but I was determined not to let it ruin my day. Bar 1, my plan worked great. Bar 2, not as well. Bar 3, I chewed out someone who was friends with the a$$holes in question just for being friends with them. Bar 4, a couple of people escorted me out. Bar 5, the best decision I could have made was going home and I did. But not till I b!tched someone else out for something. This really isn't my finer moment. I could blame it all on the situation and what not, but no. This was me and not a me that I'm proud of. Where is that stoic emotional control that I work on constantly?? Where the fcuk did it go when I needed it most?

Well, the apologies from me have begun and hopefully all can be forgotten by the folks that had nothing to do with anything. The a$$holes... they are still a$$holes tho if for no other reason then for deliberately fcuking with me all day. If a person gets a little irritable, it's funny. Take it too far, and you are just a prick. Not my finer moment, and a damn shame that I lost one of my favorite party days with a TON of cool people as a result.


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