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Last Day(s)

Since I took my new job offer, I've been sooo excited about my new job, and I still am. The work is going to be better, the money will be better, the commute will be the same. And as I spend these last few days/hours at my desk cleaning things up, I actually find my self a little nostalgic about my current job. I mean, I have spent almost 3 years here working on accounting stuff whether I liked it or not... mostly not. You know, I don't think it's the job. I think it's a combination of going through old papers and files along with knowing that I really have been working with a good group of folks. I'm only moving 5 blocks away, but once you are out of the office, it's never the same again. This company and this team have been good, and many aspects will be missed, but bring on the new opportunity!!


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