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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

Last Day(s)

Since I took my new job offer, I've been sooo excited about my new job, and I still am. The work is going to be better, the money will be better, the commute will be the same. And as I spend these last few days/hours at my desk cleaning things up, I actually find my self a little nostalgic about my current job. I mean, I have spent almost 3 years here working on accounting stuff whether I liked it or not... mostly not. You know, I don't think it's the job. I think it's a combination of going through old papers and files along with knowing that I really have been working with a good group of folks. I'm only moving 5 blocks away, but once you are out of the office, it's never the same again. This company and this team have been good, and many aspects will be missed, but bring on the new opportunity!!


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Wedding Planning

The proposal has happened, and the planning for the engagement party is almost complete, so it's time to get to business on the wedding. We always knew we'd do Vegas, and now it's starting to come together. I'm doing every thing I can to nickle & dime everything to get the most outta our bucks on this one. And I'm worried that it's still gonna spiral out of control price wise. Grrr. O well, back to the money pit!!


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Dear security guards in my building, why the hell do you care if I hop the ropes in the evening? Seriously, it's after COB. Almost everyone has already left for the day and I just wanna catch the last elevator that just opened. I mean, aren't the ropes there for keeping people out not keeping people in? Hell, I can't even get mad at ya any more. Yelling at me trying to cut in line was probably the most action you've seen on your job in months!! Did you go home and rub one out thinkin about the situation and exploiting your authority?


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Articulation Fail!

This past weekend I went on another 4wheelin trip, this time with Big Dogs Off Road. I thought that this would be a nice opportunity to test some of my new Jeep goodies and to get a little dirty. As you can see in the pic, I have a looooong way to go! Currently, my articulation (while waaaaaaaaaay better then the average vehicle on the road) isn't much when you compare it to modified Jeeps. So, I clearly have some projects ahead of me!

I paid ahead for two days of wheeling for what I thought would be a great deal. As it turned out, I got one short day of wheeling. It's 3pm and we are done with trails for the day?? WTF? This trip is geared more towards hanging out by the fire and camping with a little Jeeping to be done as well. Now that I know that, I'll be passing on most of their future stuff. Especially with that BS Land Use fee. You have to pay $40/person just to get on the property and then they *let* you camp for free. That's crap imho. But a great racket for the camp ground.

As all other Jeep trips, this one helped me stake out all the new parts that I want to do to my rig. First things first, I'm replacing my winch asap! Getting a new competition series 8000lb winch with a stronger gear set and larger hook and more powerful motor. I'm not sure if I can wire the thing using a blue tooth set up or not, but it would be sweeeeet if I could. Next, I'm deff. gonna pick up some deflators and some of those super heavy duty mud catchin floor mats. I'm getting a little too old to be wrapping my floor mats in a plastic baggie!


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