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Over the years, I've been to I don't even know how many weddings. I've had dates that I was seeing at the time, just friends, and anything that might fall into an 'other' category. This past weekend, I took the woman that I'm seeing as my date. I had a great time the entire day, and it didn't hurt that we pre-gamed the wedding one bit!! During the reception, it came time for the bride to throw out the bouquet and wouldn't you know it, my date caught it. Now, to me standing by the side lines, she looked like a pro basketball star going for the rebound that would win the game while elbowing all the girls around her with her eye on the prize. When I asked her about it, she very calmly said in her most lady like voice "What? Those other girls can't catch for sh!t!" Ha! Keeper! I can't wait to see the pix from the wedding for this one! So she caught the bouquet… you know, I'm ok with that.


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