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The Tire Saga Continues

After some b!tching and name calling, I've gotten my Jeep back from the shop. I pick it up, the GM is no where to be found. In fact, picking it up means getting in it and grabbing the key. In theory, anyone could have 'picked up' my Jeep. Thanks for the awesome security a$$holes! No one is there to explain to me what was done, what the condition of everything was, and my spare parts are no where to be found. And the wheel locks, the easiest part of this entire fcuking job, still haven't been added. Ok, whatever. I can live w/ all that since I'm finally getting it back after they've had it for 2 weeks.

So, I climb in and gently pull out of the garage. It feels a little funny, so I drive it around the parking lot a bit. It's pulling left & right like crazy. At 20mph it shakes like crazy… wtf? You guys call this a finished product? Basically, the Jeep isn't safe to be on the roads at this point. Using the back roads, I get it to the house keeping the speed around 25 or slower. I call my mechanic and fill him in on what's been going on and he is just shocked but agrees to take a look at it if I can get it to him. Saturday morning, I take back roads keeping the speeds around 25-30 with flashers on and bring it to my mechanic. He's concerned, but takes it into his shop and is working on getting it road safe.

I'm so upset about this whole deal that for the first time ever, I consider actually selling the Jeep and starting from scratch with a new one. Rubicon of course! At this point, I've contacted corporate management of NTB. Filled them in on what's going on and am keeping them posted as my Jeep gets fixed. I'm completely blown away by the fact that these mechanics couldn't get my vehicle road safe in 2 weeks of it being in the shop AND when they did finally finish, it wasn't safe?


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