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Sometimes in life you have to realize a poor investment... and cut your losses.

This is a quote that I've believed in for a very long time now. Yes, I know it's from Van Wilder, but the quote is none the less valid and a great term to live by. These past few months, I've been putting out fire after fire after fire (metaphorically of course) with regards to issues with my Jeep. All of it basically related to the tire saga that I wrote about a few months back. Every time I turn around, it seems to be another thing that needs to be upgraded/fixed. The problem is, at this point I'm running low on money for these projects. I just took it to the shop for what I thought would be a simple repair on a bolt that I busted. Yes, I broke this one. I'll take the blame.

When I got to the shop, and sat down to investigate the issue closer with the service writer, we both noticed that the whole that's had to be drilled for the lift was drilled incorrectly. Why is this a big deal? Simply put, the whole holds a bolt that connects a part of my steering (track bar). If the hole is too big, the bolt will rattle back and forth and the weight of the Jeep will basically shear it in two pieces. Can I replace the part that the hole is drilled into? I can, but that means a new axle. So, let's see if I can find a bracket to fix this issue. I'm just worried about what's next. How long before I think it's time to cut my losses?


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