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Let there be Light!

The Jeep is back and it's running. The steering deff needs some more work to get it back to a place where I'm 100% comfortable with it. I've got 3 parts on order that I'm hoping will help clear some of those issues up. We'll see. In the mean time, I finally got offa my duff and installed some parts that have basically just been waiting for me to install them. I custom mounted the OEM Hella fog lights in the ARB bumper. I think they look great, but drilling into a product is still scary to me! The trick... make sure you use the FAST setting on your drill!! Once I got those installed, wouldn't you know it... the bulbs are burned out. ha!! No biggie, it wasn't a difficult replacement with Hyper-White H3 bulbs.

Next, I went with a Delta quad bar xenon head light kit. Both of these parts have been sitting in my trunk just waiting for me to get around to them, so I figured now is as good a time as any!! The headlights, while the concept is simple, are a b!tch to install!! I must have been chasing screws that fell into nooks and cracks for an hour! I finished the job one screw short on each light but that's easy enough to fix. All in all, everything is much brighter but I'll still need to get the lights adjusted so that they shine in the right place and aren't blinding people!!


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