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April Thus Far

Hola blog? What's the good word? You know, so far I have not been a huge fan of April. I think it's partially due to the pollen that has decided to give me a flying pyle driver every time I go out side. My guess is that all the snow melted and the flowers all thought it was time to bloom earlier than usual. Unfortunately, my wonder drug (Singulair) that was awesome last year has decided not to work this year. I guess my body has built up an immunity to it? Sure wish it would build up an immunity to this pollen BS.

The other part of April that I haven't been enjoying is dealing with the Tire Saga. Yes, it's still going on. In fact, my Jeep has been in the shop for this entire month. I would think at this point, they would want it out of there so they could use the lift space on another vehicle. It's been lifted plenty high enough to clear the tires. Higher then I wanted it actually, and I'm not left worrying if it'll fit in garages around the city. Time will tell.

I know that I'll get my Jeep back soon and the pollen will subside for the year and all will be well. But for now, it's stressing me out a little. He drug companies... what's the next miracle cure for allergies b/c you guys got nothin thus far.


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