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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

Let there be Light!

The Jeep is back and it's running. The steering deff needs some more work to get it back to a place where I'm 100% comfortable with it. I've got 3 parts on order that I'm hoping will help clear some of those issues up. We'll see. In the mean time, I finally got offa my duff and installed some parts that have basically just been waiting for me to install them. I custom mounted the OEM Hella fog lights in the ARB bumper. I think they look great, but drilling into a product is still scary to me! The trick... make sure you use the FAST setting on your drill!! Once I got those installed, wouldn't you know it... the bulbs are burned out. ha!! No biggie, it wasn't a difficult replacement with Hyper-White H3 bulbs.

Next, I went with a Delta quad bar xenon head light kit. Both of these parts have been sitting in my trunk just waiting for me to get around to them, so I figured now is as good a time as any!! The headlights, while the concept is simple, are a b!tch to install!! I must have been chasing screws that fell into nooks and cracks for an hour! I finished the job one screw short on each light but that's easy enough to fix. All in all, everything is much brighter but I'll still need to get the lights adjusted so that they shine in the right place and aren't blinding people!!


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Susan E. Docherty
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Sometimes in life you have to realize a poor investment... and cut your losses.

This is a quote that I've believed in for a very long time now. Yes, I know it's from Van Wilder, but the quote is none the less valid and a great term to live by. These past few months, I've been putting out fire after fire after fire (metaphorically of course) with regards to issues with my Jeep. All of it basically related to the tire saga that I wrote about a few months back. Every time I turn around, it seems to be another thing that needs to be upgraded/fixed. The problem is, at this point I'm running low on money for these projects. I just took it to the shop for what I thought would be a simple repair on a bolt that I busted. Yes, I broke this one. I'll take the blame.

When I got to the shop, and sat down to investigate the issue closer with the service writer, we both noticed that the whole that's had to be drilled for the lift was drilled incorrectly. Why is this a big deal? Simply put, the whole holds a bolt that connects a part of my steering (track bar). If the hole is too big, the bolt will rattle back and forth and the weight of the Jeep will basically shear it in two pieces. Can I replace the part that the hole is drilled into? I can, but that means a new axle. So, let's see if I can find a bracket to fix this issue. I'm just worried about what's next. How long before I think it's time to cut my losses?


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It's been a year since this day, yet this song can still bring a tear to my eye on occasion. The live version isn't my favorite, but then again I'm not a huge fan of live music and concerts. Things are going great, but you have to look back once in a while to make sure you are moving in the right direction.

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The Tire Saga Continues

After some b!tching and name calling, I've gotten my Jeep back from the shop. I pick it up, the GM is no where to be found. In fact, picking it up means getting in it and grabbing the key. In theory, anyone could have 'picked up' my Jeep. Thanks for the awesome security a$$holes! No one is there to explain to me what was done, what the condition of everything was, and my spare parts are no where to be found. And the wheel locks, the easiest part of this entire fcuking job, still haven't been added. Ok, whatever. I can live w/ all that since I'm finally getting it back after they've had it for 2 weeks.

So, I climb in and gently pull out of the garage. It feels a little funny, so I drive it around the parking lot a bit. It's pulling left & right like crazy. At 20mph it shakes like crazy… wtf? You guys call this a finished product? Basically, the Jeep isn't safe to be on the roads at this point. Using the back roads, I get it to the house keeping the speed around 25 or slower. I call my mechanic and fill him in on what's been going on and he is just shocked but agrees to take a look at it if I can get it to him. Saturday morning, I take back roads keeping the speeds around 25-30 with flashers on and bring it to my mechanic. He's concerned, but takes it into his shop and is working on getting it road safe.

I'm so upset about this whole deal that for the first time ever, I consider actually selling the Jeep and starting from scratch with a new one. Rubicon of course! At this point, I've contacted corporate management of NTB. Filled them in on what's going on and am keeping them posted as my Jeep gets fixed. I'm completely blown away by the fact that these mechanics couldn't get my vehicle road safe in 2 weeks of it being in the shop AND when they did finally finish, it wasn't safe?


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April Thus Far

Hola blog? What's the good word? You know, so far I have not been a huge fan of April. I think it's partially due to the pollen that has decided to give me a flying pyle driver every time I go out side. My guess is that all the snow melted and the flowers all thought it was time to bloom earlier than usual. Unfortunately, my wonder drug (Singulair) that was awesome last year has decided not to work this year. I guess my body has built up an immunity to it? Sure wish it would build up an immunity to this pollen BS.

The other part of April that I haven't been enjoying is dealing with the Tire Saga. Yes, it's still going on. In fact, my Jeep has been in the shop for this entire month. I would think at this point, they would want it out of there so they could use the lift space on another vehicle. It's been lifted plenty high enough to clear the tires. Higher then I wanted it actually, and I'm not left worrying if it'll fit in garages around the city. Time will tell.

I know that I'll get my Jeep back soon and the pollen will subside for the year and all will be well. But for now, it's stressing me out a little. He drug companies... what's the next miracle cure for allergies b/c you guys got nothin thus far.


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