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Virus Battle - Go!

This past weekend, I battled a particularly nasty strain of the anti-virus soft trojan virus and lost. Perhaps my PC kung fu is not as strong as it used to be or perhaps that virus really was just that tough for me to clean, but I lost. And when I say I lost, I mean reset the lap top to the factory defaults. Luckily, I had a full system back up of my files but NOT of some of my programs. Combined with the fact that I've hated my VAIO since the day I got it, I just went ahead and took the plunge. I'm now a Mac user!! Yup, bye bye pc!! Well, I am running VMFusion which is a program that lets you create a virtual machine and load it with whatever OS you want.

In my case, I'm running XP Pro. I have this OS for IE 8 and MS Money, that's about all I need it for. It's kind of eerie watching a system boot up in just another browser window, but very cool. So far, I'm loving my new MacBook Pro. Battery life is insane!! The processor is great and the ability to multitask is excellent. I'm starting to see why EVERYONE loves their MacBook. All the people I know that have one are crazy about it and all the reviews on any site that reviews them or sells them are very high. It just works. It does what you'd expect and what you ask of it and it's fast. Now, I hope it's not the same infatuation I had with my iPhone last March which turned in to I h8 you and die! While I'm mildly worried it might turn into something like that, so far this machine has really been impressing me.


posted by Cptn S.A. Ho @ 2:53 PM,


At Thu Mar 04, 03:07:00 PM EST, Anonymous J said...

You sir are a traitor and I don't know how anyone can love you now that you have that M. A. C. in your home.

At Thu Mar 04, 03:36:00 PM EST, Blogger Cptn S.A. Ho said...

Lol. Love will find a way!!


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