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Snow Recap (in Photos)

This is the only time I broke my No Shoveling rule all winter long. I had to clear half a path, and plowed my way thru the rest. It was epic!! I had a guy holding my ipod so that I could get a video, but alas he hit pause and I had no recording.

Jeep - Clearly the vehicle of choice when sh!t goes down and the weather gets naughty!

There were around 50 volunteer drivers by 530am. It was really impressive to see such a turn out. And trust me, there was PLENTY of hospital staff that needed shuttling.

This is the view on 95 south bound on one of my first long distance runs. Yeah, it's still night time out b/c it's around 530ish? The white outs hadn't started yet and the snow wasn't too deep at this point.

This is I-95 heading north bound in the best condition I had ever seen it during the day. The fun part is the sign in the distance which you couldn't even see during the blizzard all day long. "White Out Conditions. Do not drive"

This is after I-66 had been plowed. Not to difficult for me, but I was glad I was out in the Jeep for all of this mess!

Driving into the driveway gave me no problems at all. Clearly, 2ft of snow is the depth that I'm comfortable driving thru right now. Still... 24" = no problem? Nice!! The Jeep is getting some new goodies thanks to it's stellar performance this week!


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