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Project Fail!

My grand plans for project 365 have not been going so well these past few weeks. All the time in the snow, all the driving and playing in it, no pix of me! I guess I've just been a bit of a slacker. This past weekend, I spent some time playing with the Jeep since after the snow, I promised it many new goodies. As shown below, ARB Bull bumper, IPF flood lights, new D-rings, and my winch was remounted. Still to do, working on the IPF lights, I need to reposition the control box on the winch so that it's not just sitting there (I have a plan!!), factory fog lights are going to join the party with some custom drilled holes in the bumper, and wiring for the tractor light that I have out back. Also, a new high lift jack is coming in as well as a fuse box override for fuse 4. Damn that door chime gets annoying and quick!! Displayed to the right, is the progress I've made thus far. Looks pretty sweet to me!


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